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This week at CHS (Nov 2 - 7)

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CHS Tiimetable with Tutorial

The big news for this week is that Tutorial (formerly called Flex), is returning. Tutorial will be Fourth period Monday - Thursday. An image of the new timetable is provided below. As noted in the image, the following options are available to students:

  1. Teacher may request students to make up work or finish a test.
  2. Students may elect to see a teacher for additional help.
  3. The Library can be used as a quiet study area.
  4. The Gathering Area can be used as a quiet study area.
  5. IF students are caught up on homework and have at least a 65% in each class, they may go to the gym to socialize.

ALL HALLS MUST BE EMPTY DURING TUTORIAL. This includes the couches by the library. 

Additionally, on Friday, Oct 30th, students informed of the new ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding Tutorial:

  • If a student is requested to attend a teacher's class during Tutorial, he/she MUST attend. 
  • Failure to attend will result in an automatic referral to the office. Disciplinary action will result that could include suspension. 
  • Tutorial is not free period. Students do not have permission from the school to leave campus. All students must check out at the office with parent/guardian permission.

This week (on Wednesday), the CHS Hope Squad will also start promoting mental health and wellness for the week leading to the Nov 12 - 13 Wellness Days. Each day will have a theme with ideas on how to take care of yourself and promote mental health and wellness. 

Monday, November 2:

  • Regular School Day
  • English 30-1 & 30-2 Part A Diploma

Tuesday, November 3:

  • Regular School Day
  • G9 Boys Volleyball CHS @ MHS 4:00 PM (tickets required)
  • G9 Girls Volleyball SS @ CHS 4:00 PM (tickets required)
  • JV Girls Volleyball SS @ CHS 6:00 PM (tickets required)

Wednesday, November 4:

  • Regular School Day
  • English 30-1& 30-2 Part B Diploma
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball CHS @ MHS 6:00 PM (tickets required)
  • Hope Squad Mental Wellness Day: Gratitude

Thursday, November 5: 

  • Regular School Day
  • JV Girls Volleyball CHS @ MHS 4:00 PM (tickets required)
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball MHS @ CHS 6:00 (tickets required)

Friday, November 6: 

  • Regular School Day
  • Friday 2

We are half way through Semester 1. Report cards were emailed home on Friday, Oct 30th. The school appreciates everyone who is making an effort to follow the mask rules. Generally the students are doing a fantastic job at this. 

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