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Cardston High School

145 4 Ave W, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0

(403) 653-4951

CHS Mission: The mission of the Cardston High School is to provide a challenging, rewarding, safe, caring, and secure educational environment and experience where all LEARNERS:

  • cultivate thoughtfulness and critical thinking,
  • demonstrate accountability,
  • develop desires for life-long learning,
  • act as responsible citizens,
  • appreciate cultural diversity,
  • show balance in personal wellness,
  • and enlarge their potential.


CHS Vision: Thoughtful Learning for ALL (Students-Parents-Staff)

CHS Learning Focus: Thoughtful Reading & Writing

CHS What? How? Why? Critical Thinking: Elements, Standards, Traits

Social Studies 10 Action Project: Awareness about Child Labour  :  https://worlddayagainstchildlabour.weebly.com

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