November 16, 2017 


CHS School Council Meeting

November 16, 2017

Minutes not yet approved

In attendance:

Michael Henderson

Rebecca Bultsma

Lori Wolsey

Connie Henrie

Esther Leighton

Patricia Beazer

Kirsti Pawlenchuk

Tami McCarthy

Corey McCarthy

Nikki Francis

Jennifer Crying Head

8:06 a.m. – Call to order by council Chair

Approval of Agenda – Carried

Approval of Minutes – Carried

Student Council Report – Ridge Sloan was not present.

·      Discussion surrounding the recent Sadie Hawkins dance.  Good feedback and well attended.  Theme was popular. 

·      Spirit week is coming up, not sure on dates.  Alumni coming up as well as Cougar classic and volunteers are still needed. 

·      Board will continue to think about a resolution to forward to ASCA.

Staff Report – Geri Pottinger not present

New Business –  Austin Nunn

Parent Teacher Night November 21 – doing it a little bit different this year.  Drop in format this year. Is there value to having a scheduling tool?  Feedback is that having a drop-in time is a better option.  Possibly having a power school table set up to have people set up as they come in.  Kirsti will be able to help out to get help parents if needed.

School website – continuing to update and direct people to the new website.  New academic counselling website available.  Council will send feedback to Rebecca as things come up.

Breakfast of Champions – Tomorrow morning, November 17.

Principals report on work being done –

·      Discussing how to handle students who are not making good use of flex time.  Group of teachers looking at feedback about how things are being done – including how learning commons are being used.

·      Dinner December 20 for all student, staff, Board members and some community members.  Have ordered shirts for every student for this event also in line with rules for a knight. Will be a surprise for kids.  Will need volunteers to gift wrap if possible. Suggested that there be a CHS logo on the front of the shirt. Mr. Nunn will take away.

·      Looking for a suggestion for a grandparent-type senior to come in and read with the students on a regular basis.  ACTION: Send names of suggestions to Mr. Nunn.  Possibly advertise on social media.

·      School attendance – struggle with some non-attenders.  Information handed out HERE. Request to have school council think of a campaign to get the message across that attendance is critical and involving parents in it.  Mr. Nunn will compile data.

·      Grad – June 8 will be banquet and dress-up.  June 28 will be commencement ceremony.  Last day of school.  Potential of a scholarship night separate to keep grad shorter.  Possibly rent the theatre. One hour presentation.  Will be looking at getting volunteers for the grad committee in early January.

·      Bill 24 – passed in the legislature yesterday and the implementation might be delayed.  You can read existing WW policy HERE. Discussion surrounding students who may be transitioning gender and how their needs are being met as well as the needs of the rest of the student body.  Council members were encourage to write letters and encourage elected officials to pass on concerns.

·      Westwind Accountability – Facebook page working to get things recorded properly to keep parents informed and make information more accessible to the public.  Encouragement to write letters to trustees.

Meeting adjourned at 9: 17 p.m.

Next meeting:  December 14, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

Potential agenda items:  Brainstorming for attendance campaign to parents about the importance of attendance.