Grad Info 2021

Grad Fees

In 2021, we are not expecting to be able to do a banquet and dance, so the fees are reduced compared to years past. We received a great deal of positive feedback about the lawn signs from last year, so we are adding those into the costs. 

 We are planning on a group photo in graduation gowns, with social distancing in place. If it turns out the group photo is not possible due to restrictons, we will subtract/refund that cost. The group photo includes a copy of the group shot + a copy of walking across the stage. 

Please see the chart for breakdown of costs. Fees can be paid in the office in person or online to 

Please put your student's name and "grad fees" in the etransfer memo. 


Grad Info- January 27, 2021


Hello students and parents,

We understand that you have been eagerly anticipating graduation information. Here are the basics. Please check back for updated information as it becomes available. 

CHS Admin & Grad Committee

Graduation Date: June 25, 2021


Due to the current gathering restrictions and circumstances, graduation will take place in a similar format to last year. This will include graduates walking the stage and receiving their diploma with an audience of a limited number of family. Students will have the choice to wear formal attire or their graduation cap and gown. Caps and gowns will be made available for rental to any graduate regardless of their choice of clothing on graduation night. The graduation program and awards cermonies will be held online. 

Graduation Rings/Jewelry

High school graduation is an important milestone and some students like to celebrate with a school ring, necklace or bracelet that commemorates their high school achievements and memories. 

Jostens is offering a special discount if you order in February. You will receive $50 off your graduation jewelry purchase when you use the code FEBRUARY50CAD. 

Order at You can also browse the catologue in the office. There are sizing rings in the office as well to help you with your ordering.